Less than a Week to Go!

The target of any screenplay is 90-120 pages.  The closer to 90, the more marketable it is.  I’m still dealing with one that has the potential to be over 350 pages, and that’s only using less than 1/2 the adapted story.

I have a 100 page screenplay that contains the main, critical scenes along with the opening sequence and closing sequence.  Yet, there are literally 100 scenes that “want” to be included.  So, I’ve started a simple process.  I keep adding until I hit 120 pages.  At that point, I ruthlessly purge 20 pages of script.  Then go back to adding.

Overall, this last month has been a tremendous learning experience.  I’m glad I chose someone elses story, otherwise I’d have been to wrapped up in my own.  This has allowed me to focus on the critical aspects of storytelling and how that applies to the silver screen (or is that LCD/Plasma screen these days?).  I’ve been learning focus, the power of a wink or a nod.  Pacing and texture.

For those that ask about R&L, let me again reassure you that a new chapter will be out in May.  Maybe two.  Trust me, I want to get to Sunday night as much as you do!!!  The only online story I’ve ever walked away from was the “Around Alone” series.  I may pick it up again, but I have to be in a very particular mood to write that series.

I broke 120 pages today, so tonight is “cut, cut, cut, trim, trim, trim”!

Thanks for all the support and feedback!


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