Resources/Links Update

At the request (question/demand?) of another author, I’ve realized that my resources section was long out of date.  I attempt to give my “Favorites” page on SoL my attention and this section was falling down.  Way down!  So, I’ve decided to periodically update a section on this page with my marked favorites from SoL.

Again, to any author I’ve missed (you know who you are, I’ve generally sent you glowing praise, heart felt feedback, and such), I apoligize.  Just let me know and you’ll be listed in a shot!  Or a pint.  Or multiple pints.

I’ve also added Jonas’s “Writing Tips” link.  Which is a compilation of “wisdom” from the online writer’s community involved in erotic stories.  There are some wonderful insights for readers and writers in this space.  Hopefully, we’ll keep encouraging jonas to continue to ask questions and compile responses.  Excellent job so far!

My you all find peace and joy during this special time of year.  Most importanly, may you all be safe.


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