Analysis Paralysis

I have milestones established for Rebbecca and Luis and it is always a joy to reach one of them.  Chapters, of course, are a key milestone.  Yet, Parts are a huge milestone.  Part I was a novella in length.  Part II was novel length.  So, what do I do to celebrate a milestone?  If you said have a beer, you win!

After the celebratory pint, I look at where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  I also like to take time and look forward.  I realized at the end of Part II that I was lacking some discipline around my writing.  So, for the last few weeks I’ve been laying out, on paper, the rest of the story.  It has always been in my head, just sometimes the right things didn’t get put down on paper the right way.

I love analysis.  It is something I’ve done professionally for over 30 years.  Yet, there comes a time when additional analysis doesn’t add any value.  I reached that point a couple of weeks ago!  I was over analyzing and moving into Analysis Paralysis – so scared you missed something you can’t do anything productive.

A couple of conversations with close friends (that involved heavy objects being dropped on my head) and the Paralysis is over.  I’ve busy with Real Life and working away on Chapter 20 – “Purple Haze”.  I’m about a 1/3 of the way done and having fun writing again.

For those that have asked, the current planned chapter count is 45 (and lots of good songs as titles).  And, yes, I know how the story ends!

More later!  Enjoy your fall (spring to you folks down under).


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  1. Orblover says:

    The first half of chapter 20 is pretty much done. I made the decision to chunk what I had for the second half (Rebbecca’s POV). I’m rewriting it now and feeling much better about it.


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