Chapter 19 Posted!

Yippee!  Chapter 19 is hot off the presses (so to speak).  Thus finishes Part II of our journey with Rebbecca and Luis.

I’m taking a week or so break (no more) before beginning work on Part III.  Don’t worry, a lot of it is in first draft or better stage!  I just need to take a little time away from the story and work on a couple of other projects.

Enjoy 19!  As always, your feedback is most welcomed.


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  1. kd7mvs says:

    Yawn-neutrinos? Nah, snoozons, akin to neutrons, and one major source of snoozons is puppy-dogs. Or so it was determined many years ago in Chicago.

    Although a better spelling of snoozons could be found, I admit.

    The snoozons are getting to me.

    Good story, keep it up. It tends to envelope one and carry you along.

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