“Black Magic… Ike?”

I don’t mean to be sexist, but I am (I am, after all, male).  Hurricanes should be named after women.  At the end of the day, it may be the best blowjob you’ll ever have, but the aftermath is hell!

Okay, my ex is now expunged from my brain for the moment.

The Boss (my Lady G, not Amanda) and I just finished the last run through of Chapter 19.  We both like it.  Only a few minor edits.  I’ve got only a small list of “things” to weave in (easy stuff).  Then off to the team.

In the meantime, I’m watching Ike (without Tina) move through the Gulf.  One of my servers is directly in the path (as are many friends).  Hunker down, please?  Better to over prepare and grump then under prepare and cry.

Those looking for entertainment in the meantime, I’d heartily recommend “Winter Fires” by SteveH11 (http://storiesonline.net/story/53751).  He’s just posted Chapter 15 and only a couple more to go.  A really good story.

Now, back to reality.  Can I save my son from…  (Oops–wrong forum).  Back to writing and editing.

Be well,


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2 Responses to “Black Magic… Ike?”

  1. mati says:

    Now that Ike has devastated parts of Texas, it would be of interest to me (and possibly other readers of R&L) to find out how you (and your server) fared. Hopefully well. Let us know.

    R&L is probably to far along in the story to include this thought, but maybe in a future story it might be of interest to explore the idea of how a major disaster like this could affect the program.


  2. Orblover says:


    My server fared well. My primary for this site is in California (can you say Earth-shakes?) and the backup is in Atlanta (the worlds largest pet rock is just outside of Hot’lana that doesn’t shake). I do have other servers here and there, including outside of Dallas (it fared well, just rain).

    Disasters and the Program – that is something no one has done to date. I’ll keep it in mind. I do have a woman against nature story I’m working on for the dead-tree world. Who knows, enough rejections and it might end up online! LOL!

    So far, all my friends in Texas made it through with only minor damage to homes and businesses (time will tell the full story). Hopefully, the remainder of the season will be calm (November 1 can’t get here quick enough).

    Back to Chapter 19 – just not quite yet happy with it. Damned perfectionist of an editor. I’d fire him, but haven’t figure out how to do without myself.

    Be well,

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