Rewrites of Earlier Chapters

I’ve started a project to rewrite the earlier chapters.  I have no time frame set, just a desire to see what I can do now, versus how I wrote a year ago.

In a moment of…  Okay, pints were involved, what can I say.  In a moment of insanity, I posted a message in another writer’s Yahell Group in response to–I’ll leave it at that.  In that post, I mentioned this project.  In the forum and off-line I’ve had queries about publishing these rewritten chapters.

Here is my quandary.  On one hand, I’d love to “fix” my writing, as I’ve learned and grown in this craft.  On the other hand, A few hundred thousand people have already gone past the early chapters.  Nothing I’m doing in the rewrites changes the plot.  It is just an improvement of my abilities to put the story that is in my head on paper.

On the third hand, there is the coveted dead-tree world.  That place that pays writers in things other than praise and readership.  There is interest.  Should I change enough in the rewrites, it becomes a new work and can be copyrighted as its own entity (and sold).

Yes, I plan to finish R&L, no matter what (yes, my will has a provision for the original storyline to be published should I not finish my work before a jealous husband has his way with me–it is complete, just not as complete as what I’m writing now).

I’m willing to listen to what my readers have to say.  You are important to me!



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  1. martinmac2002 says:

    do the rewrite and post it. you will pick up any inconsistancies and be able to deal with them; you know where your character says something one day and three months later you make the character say something else. I’m in the middle of a rewrite of new year. I will repost it when it is finished.
    two reasons.
    1st that the story will be better and flow more easily
    2nd that a new potential audience is out there to read my work, and hopefully enjoy it.

  2. Hal_L says:

    And many of us will read your story again in the future.

  3. mati says:


    I agree with you that when you write a long story, you will learn a lot, and your writing style will evolve. Now having said that, I would encourage you to complete the story as you are doing, and then go into the rewrite mode. There are several reasons for this (1) by completing the story now you will have a better basis for the rewrite. By that I mean that you will have the complete story (not on outline) in front of you as you decide what needs to change; (2) if you start the rewrite part way through the story, you will find once again that your style will evolve, leading you to start the rewrite all over again, with the result that you have a perpetual half completed story; and (3) As an avid (and selfish) reader of your story I don’t want anything to distract you from completing the story. Of course, I would be very happy to read version 2 of your story at a later date, but first finish version 1 — (PLEASE).

    As an example of what can happen, I am reading a wonderful story where the author decided to do a rewrite. Before the rewrite the story covered the week before the start of school, the first day of school, and the first half of the first day of NIS. Now after a more than a year of rewrites, the story is half way through the week before the start of school. Now I will admit that the rewrites produced a better story, but it does lead to a rather frustrated reader.


  4. Orblover says:


    Thanks for your thoughts. It is something to ponder and something I have considered.

    Don’t worry, I do plan to finish the story! I’m having way to much fun with it not to.


  5. derf56 says:

    Finish the wonderful story, the best NIS story since Frank Downey stopped writing. you can always go back and re-edit, Bill Morgan has been doing that for years.

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