August Majick?

I don’t know what it has been about the month of August, but suddenly I’m hugely productive in my writing and keeping up with all my “for pay” work. Including a project that “went out of control” – not that I’m arguing, since they are paying by the hour.

In the past week, I’ve turned out over 7,000 words in rewrites (including Chapter 17 – with the team right now) and written over 5,000 words of new storyline for R&L. Plus, blocked out a new story (to be written later) and worked out a great story concept with my wife. I’ve gotten so aggressive, I’m starting a project to redo chapters 1-10 of R&L.

You’d think I’d be tired! Just the opposite. I’ve got Women’s fencing on (Olympics for those that haven’t seen the news lately) and writing away.

If this keeps up, you may see a lot of chapters this month. Well, as long as all the authors I’m tracking don’t post, that is! And the wife doesn’t do me in at the Watermelon Festival on Sunday.

Send caffeine. It helps!!

Keep reading, I’ll keep writing!


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2 Responses to August Majick?

  1. mati says:


    I am glad to hear that you are having a productive month of August, and I am really looking forward to reading more of R&L. This story is rapidly turning into one of my all time favorite NIS stories.

    But you are introducing a new concept to the definition of mixed emotion. On the one hand I want to read your new chapters of R&L, but then you could be diverted by having to read the latest postings of your favorite authors. Now since I am probably also following some of those same authors, you can see where this puts me. All I can say read fast, and then write faster.

    In any case looking forward to reading the latest R&L chapter.


  2. Orblover says:

    Chapter 17 is with the team. We’re on version 3 (and hopefully the last) now. I’ve got a wonderful team that gave up part of their weekend, so send flowers, candy, liquor, or beer to them!

    Chapter 18′s major rewrite is almost done. Only a couple more pages to do. Then I’ll tweak it and send it to the team, sometime this week.

    Keep reading!

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