“Oh God! I’m Almost There!”

Ah, a sweet sound when you’re in bed (or the backseat of a car, or in the middle of a field on a blanket, or…) with someone your loving on at the moment.

Not something you want to hear when you’re waiting for another chapter!

Well, the almost there is really almost there.  I just sent Chapter 16 out to my team for editing and proofing.  Normally, this cycle only takes a couple of days.  So, it looks like Monday or sooner and I’ll be posting the chapter.

In the meantime, I’m already putting a dent into the work for 17.  It is a much easier chapter to finish, so I don’t anticipate a long delay.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer!  Visit FlashStories.com and become a reader, author, or volunteer to be a judge!



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