Recommending Writers and Stories

In a chat with friends and other writers, there was a need expressed for a place online to recommend other authors and specific stories. The more I think about this, the better it sounds. Hell, when I’m not writing, working, sleeping, or doing those other things in life, I’m reading. The online world is rich with great authors. It is also littered with the less than great.

I’d like to hear from others. What do you think about a place where you can recommend a story, comment and vote on the recommendations, and, of course, view them?

I’ve got recommendations on this site (and I’ll be updating them in the next day or so), but this is static. I’m thinking of an interactive place. I know that SoL has a mechanism to do this, but its not the same as what I’m thinking of.

Based on your comments (please!) I’ll design such a facility. When that’s done, I’ll publish the specs here and then get to writing the code. So, please, comments! Thoughts!

Be well,


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3 Responses to Recommending Writers and Stories

  1. Andre says:

    I think you know my point of view!!

  2. Orblover says:

    I know it, but others don’t! :LOL! Andre planted the seed in my head. Blame him.

  3. Spetre says:

    Quote:- “I’d like to here(sic) from others.”

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