Eventually Boils!

I just saved a draft of Chapter 14 I am very happy with!  Finally!  I should have it to the Team over the weekend after I finish a couple of rounds of edits.  The boss (my Lady G, not to be confused with the other Lady G) is getting off work early tonight.  We’re headed to the Pub to read it together.  She’s the first person that sees anything I write.

I have been busy on a couple of other projects.  Keep your eyes open for a new website to appear in June: Flash Stories.  My contribution to story sites!

My book proposal is in rewrite – again.   Getting to love editors in the dead tree world!  No, seriously.

Back to editing Chapter 14 so I can get it out ASAP!

Thanks for being patient!!


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  1. andre/turbo says:

    standing by with PDAfired up and ready to work.

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