Chapter 14 Posted!

Woo-hoo!!!! Finally, finally, finally! This was a tough chapter to write and rewrite. Someday I’ll explain why. Right now, it would give too much of the future story away to do so.

It’s done. Chapter 15 is in its first rewrite (yeah!) and Chapter 16 is still in draft (and has been reviewed). It might be easier to understand if I explained my process:

  1. The first draft of all my stories first appear in a journal book (or good old fashioned composition book) by hand using a pen.
  2. Once I get the story complete (or well into it), I decide if I want to publish it. If I do, then I put together a bible on the story – characters, event calendar, notes, etc.
  3. Chapter by Chapter, I rewrite from the handwritten first draft. This I type (I use Open Office, if you’re curious).
  4. Each chapter then goes through an editing cycle. Only when I feel it is good enough (and the boss says it’s okay), I release the chapter to my team.
  5. I take the feedback from the team and make changes to the chapter and send the new version back out. This can take 1-5 rounds. The final decisions on changes is mine, solely. So if it is messed up, it is all on me!
  6. When a chapter is in final form, I format it for different sites: an html version for and SoL. Text for and ASSTR, and PDF for all sites.
  7. Of course, my site gets it first! Then I publish to SoL and ASSTR.
  8. Finally, I notify everyone that it is out.

Now, you have a context when I talk about drafts, versions, rewriting, etc.

On to Chapter 15 – Cheeseburger In Paradise and Chapter 16 – Changes (the David Bowie version).



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