The Watched Pot

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Kimi won the Spanish Grand Prix.  The Yankees beat Cleveland.  And…  Chapter 14 refuses to come out right.

Why “The Watched Pot?”  I was cooking some Penne a bit ago and realized that the old adage was only true if you considered the relativistic nature of time.  Watching a pot waiting for it to boil is when a minute seems like an hour.  Yet, eventually, you hear the sound of the freight train building as the water begins the state transformation to steam.  The pot does eventually boil.

I’m beginning to think of Chapter 14 that way.  Eventually, it will be right.  It is a complex chapter.  There is no other way to say it.  Hopefully, the most complex of the entire story.  The original draft was laid out last summer.  The handwritten draft I’m working from was written on 9/11.  The title “Requiem” seems perfect for it.  Not only because of the sixth anniversary of 9/11, but, like Mozart, writing this might do me in!  I only hope my effort is half as wonderful as his.

Actually, today has been very good for Chapter 14.  The first half is in my head and I like it.  Now, to get it into the word processor…  That’s what I’ll be doing this evening.  While writing this, I realized that the “new and improved” first half of the chapter fixes all the problems with the second half!

So, the pot finally boiled.  No matter how many hours it has taken watching it.  Now, to get it out of my head and into a form for you.  I’m actually looking forward to it now!

Happy Sunday!  I hope you will celebrate Kimi and Ferrari’s win with me, and not think too badly of me for being a Yankees fan.  Can’t help it.  The farm team where I grew up was part of the Yankees organization.  I drank the Kookaide early in life.

One last note: the subscription feature on the site.  You know what they say about the cobbler’s children?  Well, it applies here.  My customers are getting all my coding attention at the moment.  Although, one project will lead to the plumbing for the subscription service, so all is not lost.  Keep sending me your e-mails if you want on this list.

Be well and enjoy your Sunday!  I am!


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