R&L Chapter 13 Posted!


It’s alive and well and posted. For all those waiting, now we’ll see what happens in Biology class.

Chapter 14 is going to be a couple of weeks, at least. I have a few things I need to tackle in the real world and a piece of writing I need to get out of my head. I will be polishing 14, just not as aggressively as 13. So, stay tuned!

At the suggestion of one of my readers, I am getting a subscription service ready to put on the site so you can receive an email when the time comes for new chapters and stories. Send me an email with your email and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.

Thanks to my Team for making this a solid chapter! I promise, I’ve put away the boiling oil-for now!

Thanks to all my readers-you make this all fun and worthwhile!


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  1. Orb says:

    Thanks to everyone that has read the chapter so far. And a special thank you to all those that have sent comments and feedback. I just love getting them. Even if it does nothing more than tell me I’m “silly” – loved that one. No, really. It is a reminder that I cannot write a story to appeal to everyone. Given that feedback runs 20 to 1 positive, I think I am doing something right. A few are beginning to speculate on where the story is going. That is really neat! It means people aren’t just reading it, but beginning to identify with the story. Since I do this for free, that is just awesome payment! Anyway, keep those cards and letters coming! Orb

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