R&L Chapter 12 Posted

Yipee!  Chapter 12 is alive and well.  And posted.  As usual, my team did an outstanding job of turning a rough stone into a polished gem.  Thank you all.  A very BIG thanks to the newest member, Mike.  Lare and Andre – outstanding as usual.  Lare, thank your bride for her contributions.

The title of the chapter is Foggy Mountain Breakdown – the classic Flat and Scruggs blue grass instrumental.  For me, it fit with what is happening in the chapter.  You tell me, did I nail it or do you hear a different song?  I’m open.  As long as it is not Disco!

Well, back to the dungeons to continue the creation process to bring Chapter 13 to life.  There are signs of thunder clouds…  Igor, prepare the body.

This chapter is named after the Led Zeppelin version of Dazed and Confused (yes, I know, it was originally written by Jake Holmes, then redone by the Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page, and went on to be a Zep classic and features Page using a cello bow on his guitar).  As much as 12 was an emotional strain to write, 13 is about like dancing in lead shoes while juggling bowling balls-with the odd running chainsaw thrown in for good measure.  I was hoping to get it to the team tonight but ended up with tons of little (and a couple of not so little) changes in today’s read through.  Damn those rewrites!  So much for making it to the Pub tonight.

Chapter 14 has gone from first draft status (which was done last July) to rewrite.  It’s title is “Requiem” after one of my favorite Mozart pieces.  It well expresses my opinions about writing it!  LOL!  I promise Chapter 15 starts an upward trend emotionally and sexually.  I don’t have a title for it yet.  It’s still sitting in my journal awaiting attention (the “first” draft is more like Orb’s 5th).  Perhaps a Beach Boys song?  Or Buffet?  “Cheeseburger in Paradise” might fit it.  Yeah, that works.  It does cover lunch time after all.

“Ah, Igor!  The sky looks perfect.  Let’s raise the platform!”

Enjoy 12!  Your feedback is always welcomed!


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