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My works on this span a range, but most all deal with relationships. And, yes, my characters are normal (really, I heard someone say) people that have desires for intimacy, understanding, and fulfillment of the “itch” (as I recently learned the word prurient really means).

So, come on it! There’s a seat over in front of the fireplace. Your usual?


WARNING: This site contains works of romantic fiction that, at times, deals openly with human sexuality. There is no porn on this site, if that is what you seek-look elsewhere. If you do not wish to read works of fiction that deal openly and honestly with human sexuality, then proceed no further and please leave. For those under the age of 18, I would encourage you to look elsewhere as well-strongly encourage you (as in, I’m a parent myself, encourage you). For those that only go into these pages with the intent of berating me, preaching to me, or converting me-save your time and energy. My path to enlightenment is littered with the bones of spouters of dogma and false religious beliefs.

This website and all its contents are protected under the Copyright Laws of the US. I don’t mind sharing, just ask me first. Please? I hate paying attorneys.

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